Geheimnisvoll/Ghast Misanthropia - split CS

Geheimnisvoll/Ghast Misanthropia - split CS


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"Two raw riff-driven projects prove once again why each deserves to be considered among the best that USBM has to offer.

Geheimnisvoll, as always, brings their formidable and venomous distinctive blend of Finnish and French-influenced raw violence. With each Geheimnisvoll release, Sceadugenga (Grundhyrde, Inbrydling, Åndutsyn, Deogen, and more) refines and further sharpens the blade of his particularly potent and pernicious style, and this split is no different. The Bells chime methodically to open this side but soon give way to unrelenting blackened terror, pure rapturous hell! Ghast Misanthropia, led by Hexxus (Unhoflich, Inbrydling, Nightveil, and more), also brings their best on this split. The embodiment of eviscerating riffs, blinding shrieks of anguish, and fiendish raw blight, these tracks, along with a mesmerizing melodic interlude, showcase some of the best Ghast Misanthropia material to date. Both of these artists, coming off the release of a joint project, Inbrydling (with JH as well), which was ingenious in its own right, and now we have this split shortly after, these two continue to keep their feet on the gas, and we are all the beneficiaries of their labors."


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