Pa Vesh En - Martyrs LP

Pa Vesh En - Martyrs LP


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Iron Bonehead

If there is any band from outside of Portugal that could bear the suffocating weight of the robes of Black Cilice then it is this Belarusian mage. From the depressive, isolationist ritualistic murk of previous releases emerges this three-act album; Vigilia – Liturgy - Emanation; that completes the passes of darkness begun with the earlier incantations of this project, and opens up a newly fetid chasm of subterranean dirt, ushering in lunar peaks of heightening ascendency. This is at once, Pa Vesh En’s work of most inhospitable bleak noise, and spirit-awakening clarity, with riffs that carve luminescent shapes through the morose atmosphere, forging a path for an ethereal female voice to bring the album to a climactic end. If one's conception of Pa Vesh En is still based upon the band's earlier works, then Martyrs will provocatively - and irrevocably - rearrange those coordinates, and those of your very soul.