MORBID SORCERY - Black Rites of Doom CS

MORBID SORCERY - Black Rites of Doom CS


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“Eerie keyboard-driven mid-paced Bosnian black metal with doom ladened riffs and guttural, otherworldly vocals

Morbid Sorcery has crafted some of the most spellbinding, blood-curdling, mid-paced, doom-infected black metal in recent memory. The tone is skillfully set with a bizarre keyboard intro that sets the melodic tone for the entire demo. From there, the rest of the instrumentation is hefted upon the listener like a hefty overcoat of stifling aural oobleck. This style of black metal, in the wrong hands, can easily tip over the edge into unlistenable. However, this new Bosnian entity handles the treacherous territory with a brilliant understanding of the promises and pitfalls inherent in this sub-genre. While the instrumentation and composition of this demo is insanely strong, the unearthly haunting vocals are potentially its biggest strength, as they leave an indelible, haunting mark on the listener. Superb new music from this entity that has been dormant since 2018.“


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