OPAQUE BLUE - Ocean's Exquisite Mist CS

OPAQUE BLUE - Ocean's Exquisite Mist CS


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“Suffocating cacophonous, unnerving Bosnian black metal with an overarching cavernous sound and hauntingly distant vocals. Prime Velvet Cacoon Worship

Ocean’s Exquisite Mist, Opaque Blue’s introductory demo from 2023, takes the mysterious and beguiling appeal of Velvet Cacoon and brandishes it with an uncompromising resolution. Sounding like it could have been recorded in an oceanic cave, these three tracks exude a sort of luminous torment that has only been employed successfully by very few raw black metal artists. The tone and atmosphere can scarcely be described as anything other than distressing and discordant. Prepare yourself to be dragged under the wave of this vast abyss of sharp, smothering, malicious artistry.“


Edition of 50