GRUNDHYRDE - Spellbinding Mysticism CS


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“Sceadugenga returns to Grundhyrde reinvigorated to finally bring a craft an ingenious full-length for this project which perfectly blends influence from the fabled French horde and notorious Finnish scene

The splits that Sceadugenga has released under the Grundhyrde moniker have admirably set the stage for this full-length that takes all of the promise of the earlier tracks and delivers a thrilling 32 minutes of absolutely no filler. Sceadugenga’s proclivity for brandishing riffs in a most spiteful manner and hurling shrieks of venomous vitriol are distilled in this release to acrimonious purity. While the historical influences of Grundhyrde are obvious, Sceadugenga does an extraordinary job of blending his influences in a way that is remarkably, at times, better than the sum of its parts. Grundhyrde isn’t reinventing the raw black metal formula; however, he is perverting all of the utilized elements to create something that is refined and rancorous exemplar of how blisteringly violent the sub-genre can truly be.“


2nd Edition on green shell cassettes
Edition of 50