WÆLWANG - Field of the Slain CS

WÆLWANG - Field of the Slain CS


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“Melodic, folk-influenced, fast-paced, catchy, riff-heavy black metal with punkish foot-stomping moments
Wælwang is another project from Sceadugenga. This time, he explores folk and metal’s aural and sonic relationship. This is evident from the intro’s first notes, reminiscent of lilting Renaissance melodies. That melody is abruptly cut off by fierce, triumphant black metal that takes the melody and boosts its strength and impact. This bolstering of folklorish melody, giving it a more triumphant might, is a theme that is brilliantly carried throughout this release. Of note on this release, is Sceadugenga’s use of walking baselines to drive the songs forward. This is not generally common in the genre, yet lends itself perfectly to this demo. In the end, the tension between the melody, the harsh instrumentation, and the raspy, blistering vocals on this release make it one of the more beguiling releases of 2024.”


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