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Hiss - Daemonium Maleficium CS

Hiss - Daemonium Maleficium CS


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"B3stial black metal is a term that gets thrown around a lot, and a lot of the bands are worthless carbons of Blasphemy, Beherit, Black Witchery, Profanatica (which they do cover on this demo) etc., or worse carbons of carbons of those bands. Hiss is thankfully one of the few bands that have crafted a brutal and brilliant take on the genre.

With a healthy dose of death metal riffage, mid paced spells, and of course blast beat blackened bombardments, the music does indeed pay perfect homage to the gods of the genre, but it does so in a way that sounds fresh somehow. As for the vocals, they waffle between deep bellowing belligerence (a staple of the genre) and strained shrieks, which together provide the perfect duality. It’s raw but not too raw, precise and well written but not soulless, it’s possibly one of the best b3stial releases in recent memory that wasn’t a reissue of the originals. Hail Hiss! To War!"

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