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 Slavehouse – Scornful Discipline CS

Slavehouse – Scornful Discipline CS


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"After leaving this project to languish for the past five years, JN has resurrected the ugly corpse of Slavehouse and picked up exactly where it left off. Gnawing and Grisling defiantly, Scornful Discipline seeks to tear the listener limb from limb and spit spitefully on the bloodied pieces strewn about. Slavehouse’s blasting distorted whirlwind attack drains the sanity from its listener with precision.
It is a remorseless and calculatedly raw attack from an artist with no concern for the ferocity with which the listener is confronted. This is a truly savage and relentless aural attack, which shouldn’t surprise anyone familiar with Slavehouse, but somehow, with the extended break between recordings, this demo hits with even more force and blisteringly vicious intent. Listen at your peril and lean into the delirium as it’s exquisitely and masterfully demonstrated for your displeasure."

US edition of 50 (This release)
RU edition of 25 (Via Horrible Room)