Pyromantyc - By Fire Born From a Burned Womb LP

Pyromantyc - By Fire Born From a Burned Womb LP


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Pyromantyc wants to set it all on fire. Fire has Alchemic importance for Pyromantic as it is the Zoroastric purifying fire from the star that inspires it to engulf the world in flames. Raw and punkish black metal attack spread over eight tracks is accompanied by the drawings from the mystical Clavis Artis – a manuscript that allegedly leads back to Zoroaster himself – ancient Persian prophet, the creator of the first monotheist religion, and the father of alchemy.

Debut full-length now available, fully remastered for LP.

180g LP, 3.5mm spine printed on 350gsm cardstock jacket with special GOLD FLOOD, GOLD PANTONE, UV SPOT and INSERT.