Unholy Craft - Naar All Tid Er Omme CS

Unholy Craft - Naar All Tid Er Omme CS


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Unholy Craft – Naar All Tid Er Omme

Over the last few years, the Norwegian entity known as Peregrinus has stormed the gates of modern black metal with spiteful reverence and rightful demand to be heard. Contrary to what often happens when an artist branches out into a wide array of different projects at the same time, Peregrinus’ bands all have distinctive flair and sound very different as they explore the different eccentricities of black metal. Unholy Craft’s Near All Tid Er Omme is one of two Peregrinus releases in this batch and is certainly the most feral of the two.

Naar All Tid Er Omme lashes out at the listener with the ferocity of a caged animal. Gnashing teeth, snarling, and attacking as if its life depends on every moment. Punctuated very occasionally by unsettling moments of quiet, this releases relentlessly hurls itself violently against the eardrums of the listener. Unholy Craft has created an album of exceptional, raw black metal album driven by a melody that defiantly insists on triumph and vocals that wale and howl from a truly primal place within the artist. Demanding repeated and intensive listenings, this album has an enigmatic quality that will stay with the listener.


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