Häkkänfałt - The Dark Majesty CS

Häkkänfałt - The Dark Majesty CS


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“Häkkänfałt is melodic synth driven black metal!
Kneel before thy kingdom, kneel before the dark majesty
Born into this realm... only to fade away”

In a sea awash with forgettable clone-ish black metal Häkkänfałt announce themselves pridefully and indignantly, standing against the current wave. In their personal statement, this anonymous entity labels themselves as ‘melodic synth driven black metal,’ which they certainly are. However, The Dark Majesty showcases songwriting only wielded by one who knows the conventions well enough to deviate in the most masterful ways. displayed well in the company of more traditional as well as more unconventional black metal masters, Häkkänfałt stand triumphantly on a pedestal of their own creation.

This initial demo of material come out of nowhere but will leave an indelible mark on the genre. Heed the call.