Drowning The Light / Ghosts of Oceania Split LP

Drowning The Light / Ghosts of Oceania Split LP


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Iron Bonehead

This split album may seem like a strange pairing, but it couldn't be more fitting! Both entity's tracks are based around the paranormal and Occult activity which this particular Mountain is notorious for, not only in local folklore but Azgorh's own personal experiences in the house he grew up in on the mountain, as well as many experiences within the forest of the mountain over the years since... and still to this day. The strange burial-like mounds, the unearthly sounds echoing between the trees and the shadows that stalk the hills. Those who have been on the mountain at night especially know what I speak of. The tracks within this split weave between each band, Drowning the Light bringing its signature haunting, melancholic & majestic Black Metal, while Ghosts of Oceania creates eerie midnight music filled with darkness and a sinister yet sombre nostalgia. Both band's very existence have been shaped by this mountain and the experiences upon it. This split is the eerie dread that washes over you the deeper into the forest you go, straying from any human path, the eyes of the forest watching... It is the majesty, melancholy and nostalgia that engulfs your being without explanation... It is that which will always haunt you yet draw you in closer... The Mountain always calls... This mountain and areas created by it is where almost every outdoor Drowning the Light photo session has taken place, whether upon the mountain or in its forests, or the areas by the ocean created by the volcanic lava flow when the mountain was an active volcanic vent. The lore of the mountain in regards to DTL runs deep.