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“Breakneck, blistering, triumphant black metal channeling Incan ancestry and solar worship

Coming in just over 30 minutes, this initial offering from Ukhu Pacha pulls nothing and erupts with speed and force from the first note. In the artist’s words, these are “songs for the sun that honor the old ways and fan the flames of bronze resistance.” In addition to the aforementioned themes, this album thematically explores Incan history/cosmology, warfare, nature, and strength. Urgency, yearning, and brute strength/force shine brightly in the music as riffs compound over brisk precision drumming. These tracks demanded writing and recording. The vocals echo and howl through the tumultuous intensity and raw melodic fury. On the rare but intentional occasion that the music slows the pace, it serves as brilliant punctuation for dramatic and melodic effects, adding heft to the immense and profound themes that provide the lifeblood of this release. Apt sonic comparisons can be made to Totale Vernichtung/Rostorchester. It’s a rarity that a new entity comes out of the gate with blinding passion and striking clarity to craft songs that transcendently convey themes both in individual songs and woven perfectly throughout the collection of songs. This debut is not to be slept on.

All digital and artist physical sales donated to Survival International who help campaign for indigenous land protections, sovereignty and advocacy in the global south.“


Edition of 100