Solar Cross - To the Ever Gleaming Pinnacle of Timeless Mastery CS

Solar Cross - To the Ever Gleaming Pinnacle of Timeless Mastery CS


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"Debut album from this recent, mysterious American entity, playing Atavistic Black Metal arts, deeply rooted in the ways and traditions of the 90s central Europe.

Solely led by The Great Stone Face and recorded between 2019 and 2020, this record is dedicated to Ryan Frazier and the eternal Simón Santana, who contributed for this project with the logo, additional production, and guidance. This album was originally planned to be released in Lam's own label, Unseen Forest Patriot.

Absolutely riveting and mystical piece of Black Metal fury, Solar Cross delivers unbridled, ancient spiritual war in the veins of the 90s greats such as the occult traditions of the Temple of the Fullmoon acts, and Teutonic hordes like Moonblood, Grabgesang and the likes.

Bookended by two tracks of old school Dungeon Synth mysticism, we are then disgraced by over half an hour of mostly mid-paced, Black Metal, with raw and suffocating atmosphere as Black Metal should be kept. The guitarwork poisons the air with blood-freezing melodicism and hypnotic pagan leads, perfectly matched by the barbarous pummel of the drums of war. With excellent songwriting, resorting to the ever eternal art of crescendos towards an ever more utopic and heathen march towards victory, Solar Cross proves to be worthy of carving the throat of the modern scene once again with these ancient unwritten rules."

-Rites of Pestilence

Cassette edition of 150
50 Gold
100 Black