E.A.G.L.E. - Autumn Hearts in the Iron Winter LP

E.A.G.L.E. - Autumn Hearts in the Iron Winter LP


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Canadian E.A.G.L.E’s 2021 demo “Autumn Hearts in the Iron Winter” returns to WWII through a strong contradiction expressed in the title of the demo. Autumnal love and romance flame the nostalgia, while the coming iron cold winter brings the realities of war. Tracks like “Z*** Beauty” and “Love Beneath the Hanging” or “Buchenwald L(o***)” unite both of these in a sweet and deathly combination. Search out the other 2021 demo “Fortitude” on ASRAR as well, and complete the set of wartime stories of love, death and decay.

Fully remastered, this little gem of Nostalgic Romantic Black Metal is now available both on LP and CD.

180g LP, 3.5mm spine printed on 350gsm cardstock jacket with special LAVENDER FLOOD, UV SPOT and A2 POSTER.