Maquahuitl - Flames of the Obsidian Serpent LP

Maquahuitl - Flames of the Obsidian Serpent LP


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New LP from the master of Aztec Black Metal.

Maquahuitl is a musical entity best described by the definition of its name: an ancient wea pon – a wooden club fortified and embellished with Obsidian blades.
Blunt and beautiful, crude and accomplished; an instrument of pride, beauty and death.
New Maquahuitl release hits hard as always. “Flames of the Obsidian Serpent” compiles a few hard-to find releases from 2015-2016: “Panquetzaliztli” EP, Maquahuitl side of “La Gran batalla del cielo del sur” split with Metztli, and the track from Barbatos Productions compilation “Hammerstorm Vol. 6”.
Everything has been remastered for the best audio experience possible.
Lick the obsidian flame and feel the power of old Aztec myths channelled by the fiercest Black Metal out there today.

180g LP, 3.5mm spine printed on 350gsm cardstock jacket with special RED FLOOD, RED HOTFOIL (back too) and INSERT