Blutschwur/Mäleficentt - Ancestral Might split 7"

Blutschwur/Mäleficentt - Ancestral Might split 7"



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With their Demo Cassette Release in 2020 Blutschwur have taken the black metal scene by storm, this siege continues with their two breakneck tracks on this split. With a bullish bravado Blutschwur bring an ancestral spirit their brut black metal, this split certainly continues their fascinating narrative in a captivating way.
Unless you've been living under a rock you've certainly had some cause to notice Huntington Park, California's Mäleficentt. While not new to the scene buy any means, Mäleficentt's Y.E has been recently perfecting his particular brand of Native Ancestral Black Metal. With a couple scathing demos, two nearly flawless full length albums, and another recent split, Mäleficentt's catalogue is quickly growing into tat of legendary status. His track on this split certainly folds we'll into the narrative.


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