Noctilucent - Hollow Moon CS

Noctilucent - Hollow Moon CS


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"Claiming Devotion to the Dark One, Noctilucent announce themselves astoundingly with their first offering “Hollow Moon” released on cassette from Nithstang and CD from Drakkar Productions. Positioned, brilliantly, somewhere in the traditions of raw black metal and a sort of DC post-hardcore vein, Noctilucent brutally beat their songs into a form both blindingly unique and instantly heartening. Upon first listen these songs strick a chord, begging repeat listens to more confidently comprehend the music unfolding on this tape. Enigmatic and haunting melody meets bracing, belligerent tone and structure.

Fans of Weathered Crest, as well as some of the Korpsånd circle take note of this fresh entity continuing to build new bridges between the world of post-punk/hardcore and black metal, further poisoning the wells of the driving compelling genres that continue to fascinate generation after generation. In doing so they have immediately forced their way into an old tradition in a novel and belligerent way. Fantastic introductory work, can’t wait to see where they go from here."