Altered Heresy/Dakhanavar split CS

Altered Heresy/Dakhanavar split CS


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"With Red and Blue options for this release you’re offered a choice of which you would like rammed down your throat. However the result of this trip will be one and the same, a blistering sonic assault provided by these two inscrutable black metal entities.

With prior releases coming from the exalted like of Goatowarex, Atrocity Altar and a couple splits with esteemed colleagues, Altered Heresy have definitely made a splash since their arrival in 2018. This split offers them a further platform to batter their audience with their torrid blend of black metal with a searing industrial edge. The drums seem to hum they are so blindingly quick, however they almost lull the listener into a trance a the hypnotic and off-kilter melody and razor sharp malevolence of the songs assault the listeners consciousness.
With no formal introduction or preface Dakhanavar seem to crawl out of a bizarre celestial hippodrome and break forth with epic callous savagery that is as melodic and captivating as it is crass and off-putting. If this first track from a new project of the Astral Serpent is any indication of what is to come, beware."


Edition of 150
75 Blue
75 Red