Bursting Trident - Stench of the Horns CS

Bursting Trident - Stench of the Horns CS


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"Cucks of the world take heed! The mighty trident of the master is ready to be imposed upon you! This simple, straight-forward no frills demo of ramshackle Satanic deviancy imposes itself among the ranks of many satanic fueled bizarre black metal that spills its seed through the halls of black metal history. With tracks like “Exploitation of Victory.” “Virility Imposed,” and “Let Humiliation Begin…” the trident does indeed burst forth and multiply with this one. But in all seriousness, this opening salvo from this bewildering entity its raw, low-fi, black metal in a breakneck and traditional fashion, with vocal that harshly and sharply pierce through the driving maelstrom to penetrate your eardrum. This demo kicks down the door to announce the arrival of Satan’s throbbing, unrelenting, & humbling, Bursting Trident, take heed."


Edition of 100