Serpent Dweller - Demo II CS

Serpent Dweller - Demo II CS


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"Eshewing the doom elements in an effort to further hone in on the majestic elements that make melodic raw black metal so enticing, Serpent Dweller continue to evolve and build upon the brilliant foundation of their first demo. With the musical focus becoming more concentrated, the true intensity and rapturous melodies take center stage, however, the distinctive, tortured, guttural vocal performance is also given the space and is set ablaze.

While conceptually their first demo was wholly entrenched in ego death and transcending reality, this new offering further explores the malevolent deeper vibrations of the lower plane. Ego death and transcendental reality have developed into a jumping off point to as they diver further into personal spirituality, the dark corners of the mind illuminated by psychedelic experimentation, and spiraling down through the darker planes of existence. Serpent Dweller persist in exploration of the uncomfortable, unfathomable, dark states of inescapable existence that trap consciousness in nightmarish, confining, out of body moments of existence. Elect to hover, frozen, in this excruciating, yet utterly fascinating state with Serpent Dweller again on their second demo, you will not regret it."


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