Vorgfang - Viser fra ildens enger CS 2 LEFT!

Vorgfang - Viser fra ildens enger CS 2 LEFT!


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"After seemingly materializing out of the either with their fully developed and brilliant debut Skammens stein, Vorgfang eschewed the raw tradition of demos in favor of releasing one of the most cohesive and expansive albums of last year. Dropping on LP from Altare before anything else (another oddity), Skammens stein triumphantly announced the arrival of a new and dynamic presence in the melodic raw black metal scene. The album was both pleasantly familiar, yet blindingly novel in its approach.

The follow up album, Viser fra ildens enger, treads the same ground yet with an even more confident air about it. Building upon the foundation set by the first record, the production is a touch cleaner and the structures build a touch more deliberately, however, rest assured this album is pure hate incarnate. Askesirkel has set an insanely high bar for themselves, and with now two exceptional albums from Vorgfang and releases under Moonshrine (Atrocity Altar) and Altertum also on the horizon, they have my full attention."